Kami Tsukitai. (Novel) (Novel)

Kami Tsukitai. (Novel)
I Want to Bite (Synonyms), I Want to Bite You (Synonyms), Kami Tsukitai. (Synonyms), ε’¬γΏγ€γγŸγ„γ€‚ (Synonyms)
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γ€ŽKami Tsukitai. (Novel)』

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A vampire hunter is surprised when he meets a silver-haired and impossibly handsome vampire who has a grudge against his own kind. Isaac is a college student and part-time vampire hunter for the Helsing Group. His passion for hunting vampires is fueled by tragedy. Tristan is a beautiful vampire who wants to take down his creator. Can Isaac withstand Tristan's advances? What secrets is Tristan hiding?

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